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Tenant Selection (FAQs)

How do I apply to the program?
Please see the How to Apply page, or click here to apply online.

Please Click Here to Manage Recertifications

Tenant Selection/Waiting List:

Which waiting list should I choose?
You may choose to sign up for the Public Housing waiting list, Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) waiting list, or both lists.

Estimated Waiting Time
The estimated waiting time depends upon the program. The waiting time for Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program averages 1-3 years. The Public Housing waiting time depends on the bedroom size needed. The average waiting time is 6 to 18 months.

May I change my waiting list choices later?
If at any time you decide to be removed from a waiting list, you may do so by submitting the request in writing to the Housing Authority of Kansas City, MO - Tenant Selection Department. If at any time you desire to be added to a particular waiting list, you will need to visit the Housing Authority of Kansas City, MO to apply for the program.  

How do I change my address with the Housing Authority Kansas City, MO?
You must tell the Housing Authority of KCMO in person or in writing of any change in your address. To submit a change of address in person, fill out a change of address form at 3822 Summit St. Kansas City, Missouri 64111.

Or, Download and complete the "Change of Information" form and fax the completed form to 816.968.4123 or mail it to the Tenant Selection Department at the address above. Please note that changing your address with the United States Postal Service does not change your address with the Housing Authority of Kansas City. You must update us separately.

May I add or remove others from my application?
You may add or remove people from your application by submitting the change in writing to the Tenant Selection Department at the address listed above. Please include your name and Social Security Number and the information to be changed. Adding or removing people may affect your eligibility for some units. If the change affects your eligibility for a unit of a certain size (as measured by the number of bedrooms), you will be moved to the waiting list for the correct unit size. Your date of the application stays the same.

How do I find out where I am on the waiting list?
You may find out your position on the waiting list by logging in to the website.

Can I be on the waiting list for low-income public housing and housing choice voucher (Section 8) programs at the same time?
Yes, each program has its own waiting list. Even if you are selected and participate on one of the programs, you may remain on the waiting list of the other.

What happens after I apply for the waiting list(s)?
After the initial application, an applicant is placed on the waitlist according to their application date, time, and preference. Once an applicant's number reaches the top, a letter will be mailed with an interview date and time to formally apply for the particular program.

What do I need for the formal applications?
Documents you must bring with you to complete a full application:

  • Household Composition:  Items needed for all household members:
    • Valid form of identification for everyone 18 years or older. (Valid driver's license or state issued identification cards.)
    • Social Security cards for everyone in household
    • Birth certificates for everyone.
  • Proof of Preference Claimed: At pre-application, you selected a preference in order to be placed on the waiting list. You must provide proof of this preference. The preferences are:
    • Preference 1:
      • Working (you must be working at least 20 hours a week for no less than 6 months.
      • Work training (you must be in a certified work training program for at least 20 hours weekly)
      • Disabled (you must be classified disabled by a doctor, or receiving disability benefits.)
      • Elderly (you must be at least 62 years old)
    • Preference 2:
      • Homeless (you must have a letter from an accredited homeless shelter or service agency)
      • Rent Burden (you must prove that your rent and utility bills are at least 50% of your monthly income.
      • Full-time student (your school must classify you as a full-time student.)
      • Housing factor (you were displaced from your residency due to substandard housing or that you were involuntary displaced due to situations that were out of your control such as fire, domestic violence, disaster, etc.)
    • Marriage certificate or divorce decree, if applicable.
    • Most current landlord's name and complete mailling address. Additional landlord information is required if current residence has been less than one year.
    • Employer's name, complete mailing address, and telephone number
    • Child support check stubs.
    • Unemployment check stubs.
    • Most recent Social Security/ SSI award letter.
    • Veterans benefit award letter
    • Bank Statements

Low Income Public Housing Questions

Where are Low Income Public Housing buildings and communities located?
The Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri owns, operates and maintains over 1,900 Public Housing units throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Public Housing units are located in Jackson, Clay, and Platte counties. These units are serviced by school districts of Kansas City, North Kansas City, Hickman Mills, Raytown, Park Hill, and Liberty.

Are pets allowed in Low Income Public Housing buildings?
Small dogs, cats, birds, and fish are allowed in Low Income Public Housing buildings.

What if I have special needs?
Please tell us if you need the assistance of any kind to access our services, and let us know if you need special features in your housing. (For example, wheelchair accessibility, customized interviews, and housing in specific locations.) If you need an interpreter or a translator, tell us, and we will provide one for you. We will make every effort to meet your needs.

How do I cancel my application?
You may cancel your application at any time by writing to the Tenant Selection Department at the address listed above. When canceling your pre-application, please include your name and Social Security Number and the program(s) for which you applied.

Can the Housing Authority of Kansas City, MO deny assistance?
Yes. Even if you can prove that you need housing, the Housing Authority is required by federal law and regulations to refuse assistance if you do not qualify.

Does the Housing Authority of Kansas City, MO verify personal information?
Yes. At various stages of the application process, the Housing Authority of Kansas City may verify all sources of your income, your credit records, your criminal history and your residential history. The Housing Authority will only share your information with HUD and Tax Credit/Partners and as permitted by law in the federal housing program.

How will my rent be determined?
Your monthly rent will be based on 30% of the household's adjusted income. All rent is calculated in accordance with HUD regulations. Allowable deductions are also taken into consideration. Annual re-certifications will be performed to ensure that the tenant's obligation does not exceed the 30% amount.

Will I have to sign a lease?
Once an applicant accepts the housing offer, a lease agreement will be executed. A Housing Authority representative will review the lease with you and collect a security deposit.

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