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Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)/Section 8 Contact Info

HCV Applicants, Participants and Owners
For any lease concerns or relocation matters, please click here to visit

Email Chrissy Armstead with leasing problems occurring with

Examples of lease concerns:

  • Rent Offers
  • Leases
  • HAP Contracts

Examples of relocation matters:

  • Transferring Units
  • Providing Intent to Vacate Forms
  • Provide a Good Standing Letter from your Landlord

HCV Participants and Owners
Email your case worker regarding Recertification matters such as:

  • Submitting Recertification Packets
  • Requesting a Recertification Packet
  • Additional Information for Recertification
    • Photo ID (18 years and older)
    • Visa Cards (All Household Members)
    • Social Security Cards (All Household Members)
    • Birth Certificates (All Household Members)
    • Marital Status
      • Marriage Licenses, Divorce Decree, Separation Affidavit
    • Proof of Income
      • Employment, Unemployment, Child Support, Self-Employed, TANF, Pensions, Social Security or SSI Award Letters
    • Proof of Assets
      • Checking, Savings, 401K, IRA's, Certificate of Deposit, Trust Funds, Money Market Accounts, Life Insurance Policies
    • Proof of Expenses (Anyone 62 years of age or older or Disabled that pays out of pocket medical expenses)
      • Printouts from a Pharmacy, Doctor, Dental or Optometrist Office, Hospitals or Clinics, Service and Emotional Support Animals
    • Child Care Dedications
    • Cash Assistance from Family or Friends
    • Student Status for Full-Time Students
      • Grade Cards
      • Semester Transcripts
      • Letter from Institution

New and Existing Owners
Email Owner Forms regarding:

  • HCV Owner Packet Request
  • 1099 Request or Changes
  • General Owner Inquiries
  • Documentation
    • Setting up new owner account information
    • Transfer of Ownership
    • W-9 Forms
    • Direct Deposit

HCV Participants and PHA'S
Email Portability regarding:

  • Participants
    • Submit your request and questions
  • PHA'S
    • Submit Incoming Portability Paperwork
    • Portability Billing Request and Questions

(Request for Tenancy Approval) HCV Applicants, Participants, and Owners
Email Chrissy Armstead regarding:

  • Submitting your RFTA'S with all documentation attached

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