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1099 MISC forms for Property Owners

HAKC distributes the 1099 MISC tax form electronically through Partner Portal ( Forms are made available in January for the previous year. We correct errors before the data is submitted to the IRS at the end of March. Please:

  • Create your Partner Portal account if you don't already have one.   PP_Account_Setup.pdf
  • In Partner Portal, look for the 'My 1099's' heading on the left side of the page.
  • If you have previous 1099's, please view and download one so that you will be ready when the new forms are issued. We would like to answer questions early.
  • There is a checkbox concerning Electronic 1099's. Thank you for agreeing to electronic 1099's to reduce HAKC's production and mailing costs. Electronic 1099's are available in the Portal regardless of the checkbox.
  • When the new form is available, please review it before March 20th. If there are errors, please contact the HCV Department or
  • If your payments are directed to a Property Manager, your 1099 MISC will come from the Property Manager, not from HAKC. This is per IRS regulation.
  • Please direct questions to

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