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How to Apply

Individuals wishing to apply for housing assistance programs may apply online by clicking here.

Individuals who prefer physical/paper applications must visit the Housing Authority's office during regular business hours. The paper application should be completed and returned to the drop box in the lobby where the application was picked up.

The Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri (HAKC) accepts applications from individuals who are at least 18 years of age or is an emancipated minor under State Law. Please note the HAKC is committed to making reasonable accommodations when such accommodations may be necessary to afford persons with disabilities an equal opportunity to make applications.

An initial application is taken; the applicant is then placed on the Housing Choice Voucher Program waitlist according to the application date, time, and local preference claimed. The time duration an applicant may wait for housing assistance depends on the availability of assistance. The average wait for voucher assistance is 3 years.

When funding allows for voucher issuance, an applicant is pulled from the waiting list according to their preference. A screening appointment letter will be mailed with an interview date and time for the applicant to provide the required documents needed to determine eligibility for the program. Once all information has been complied with, and the applicant is determined eligible, the applicant will be scheduled for a briefing to be issued a Housing Choice Voucher.

Eligibility Requirements
Household income must not exceed the very low-income limits. "Very low-income" is a family with an annual income that does not exceed 50% of the median income for the area, as determined by HUD.

  • Must not have any violence or drug charges within the last 3 years
  • Must not have been evicted from any Federally Funded Program within 3 years
  • Must not owe any HA any money
  • Must provide all required documentation (i.e. Birth certificates, social security card) for all household members

Jackson County 2023 Income Limits
Effective April 18, 2023

FY 2023 Income Limit Area: Jackson County
Median Income: $104,600

Very Low (50%) Income Limits (HCV)
1 Person: $35,900
2 Person(s): $41,000
3 Person(s): $46,150
4 Person(s): $51,250
5 Person(s): $55,350
6 Person(s): $59,450
7 Person(s): $63,550
8 Person(s): $67,650

Extremely Low (30%) Income Limits
1 Person: $21,550
2 Person(s): $24,600
3 Person(s): $27,700
4 Person(s): $30,750
5 Person(s): $35,140
6 Person(s): $40,280
7 Person(s): $45,420
8 Person(s): $50,560

Low (80%) Income Limits (LIPH)
1 Person: $57,400
2 Person(s): $65,600
3 Person(s): $73,800
4 Person(s): $82,000
5 Person(s): $88,600
6 Person(s): $95,150
7 Person(s): $101,700
8 Person(s): $108,250

NOTE: Jackson County is part of the Kansas City, MO-KS HUD Metro FMR Area, so all information presented here applies to all of the Kansas City, MO-KS HUD Metro FMR Area. The Kansas City, MO-KS HUD Metro FMR Area contains the following areas: Johnson County, KS; Leavenworth County, KS; Linn County, KS; Miami County, KS; Wyandotte County, KS; Caldwell County, MO; Cass County, MO; Clay County, MO; Clinton County, MO; Jackson County; Lafayette County, MO; Platte County, MO; and Ray County, MO.

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