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Communities (HAKC Developments)

To view the Housing Authority of Kansas City's Public Housing communities, please click here.


Types of Properties Listed

Housing Authority Offices - management office that is not located with the available units. Scattered sites units are managed by HAKC staff, but the management office is some distance from the properties.

Public Housing - All units are owned and managed by HAKC. Tenants must meet Public Housing guidelines.

Mixed - Public Housing and non-Public Housing - Some units are Public Housing units, while other units in the same physical location are not under HAKC control. Units are managed by a Property Management company.

Project-Based Vouchers (PBV) - all units are managed by a non-HAKC Property Manager as Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) units. Tenants come from an HCV Waiting List.

Mixed Project-Based Voucher and non-PBV - all units are managed by a Property Manager. Some tenants come from an HCV Project-based Waiting List and must qualify under HCV guidelines. Some tenants have chosen to use their Housing Choice Voucher to lease a unit. Other tenants rent units in the same buildings at housing market rates.

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