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Public Safety Officer (Armed)

Job Description


Job Title:               Public Safety Officer (Armed)

JD#:                       PS2

Department:         PUBLIC SAFETY

Reports To:           Captain of Public Safety

FLSA Status:         Exempt

Approved Date:   2021



Public Safety Officers are primarily tasked with the enforcement of Authority regulations and policies related to the enhancement of safety within or upon Authority facilities, pertinent to Low-Income Public Housing (PH), Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV), as well as work areas controlled by Authority staff.  This function includes but is not limited to facilitating the enforcement of laws, statutes, and ordinances, by sworn-official, Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement personnel that legally perform law enforcement functions within the physical areas of the Authority span of control. The overriding goal is to work in partnership with residents, staff, and stakeholders to promote a safe and harmonious environment within and upon Authority facilities and properties.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The duties listed below illustrate of the various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements regarding duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment in association with this position. Undertakes and performs the following and all other work-related duties as assigned.

1.     Safeguards residents, employees, and assigned areas including buildings, equipment, and property by patrolling in and around Authority premises including parking areas before, during, and after business hours as assigned on foot or vehicle.

2.     Conducts follow up investigations into allegations of illegal activity, Authority lease violations, HCV violations, disturbances, trespass, as well as the enforcement of civil/administrative Authority policy violations or directives.

3.     Aides Authority employees as necessary upon request that are specific to safety and security concerns.

4.     Serves as mediator for Authority property management to make decisions whether to ban violators of both Authority policies or relevant governmental ordinances, statutes, and laws from Authority properties.

5.     Sponsors or facilitates public safety relevant community events or Authority sanctioned events that occur on Authority property.

6.     Aides the legal department, Authority staff, and state courts during the eviction process, to include legally aiding assigned law enforcement officials during court ordered evictions.

7.     Responds to requests for assistance to any safety or security incidents or concerns that occur on or within Authority properties; establish positive problem-solving partnerships with residents, Authority staff, law enforcement, and any stakeholders of interest.

8.     Writes timely and accurate reports of daily activities and irregularities, such as equipment or property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons, or unusual occurrences, by recording observations, information, occurrences, and surveillance activities. Generates a report on a monthly basis on all security activities.

9.     Notifies department supervisor of suspected illegal activity on Authority property and reports hazardous and unusual conditions or malfunctions observed.

10.  May assist with crowd control and patrol at development events or emergencies.

11.  Escorts people/property to desired destination when monies, documents or safety of property or persons are a concern.

12.  Prevents loss and damage by reporting irregularities and informing persons of rule infractions or violations and apprehends or evicts violators from Authority premises.

13.  Identifies, observes, and questions persons on Authority property when the reasons for their presence or intentions are questionable.

14.  Calls police or fire departments in cases of emergency, such as fire, of the presence of unauthorized personnel. Reports undesirable activities to police and requests assistance if necessary.

15.  Conducts legal criminal background investigations on every applicant for federal housing benefits, as well as special assigned investigations as directed.

16.  Appears as a witness in the Authority's administrative grievance procedure, civil dispossessory hearings, or other civil or court proceedings where the issue includes criminal or quasi-criminal conduct in or near public housing developments involving any resident, member of a resident's household, or any guest or guests of a resident or household member.

17.  Circulates among visitors, residents, and employees when appropriate to preserve order and protect property.

18.  Maintains rapport with local law enforcement, civil defense, and first-aid agencies by establishing personal contact and cooperating to resolve situations.

19.  Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, and participating in professional societies as appropriate.

20.  Maintains accessibility and professional demeanor with residents to ensure resident confidence in discussing or reporting issues of concern.

21.  Assists in developing or enhancing crime prevention programs.

22.  Ensures that all authorized for duty weapons are stored and maintained in a safe manner and is in a secure location at all times.

23.  All Authorized for duty weapons are to be securely stored and protected from unauthorized access when not being carried.

24.  Maintains familiarity and knowledge of all Authority, HUD/governmental related polices, directives, and guidelines associated or relevant to Authority public safety and security.

25.  Remains available for event call out during times beyond normal duty hours (to include weekends, holidays). Willing to work occasional flexible hours as directed.



The employee receives instructions from the Captain of Public Safety. Normally, the employee plans and carries out work activities with minimal supervision and independently resolves problems that arise. The employee receives specific instructions when complaints are brought to the attention of the supervisor; and when the supervisor is contacted by the employee for direction. The employee's work is reviewed for conformity to organizational policies and attainment of objectives. The employee has no supervisory duties.



Behavioral Competencies

This position requires the incumbent to exhibit the following behavioral skills or attributes:


Job Knowledge: Exhibits requisite knowledge, skills, education, and abilities to perform the position effectively. Demonstrates knowledge of policies, procedures, goals, objectives, operational entities, requirements, and activities as they apply to the assigned organizational entity of the Authority.  Uses appropriate judgment & decision making in accordance with level of responsibility.


Commitment: Sets high standards of performance; pursues aggressive goals and works hard/smart to achieve them; strives for results and success; conveys a sense of urgency and brings issues to closure; persists despite obstacles and opposition. Commits to excellence in work and behavior.


Customer Service: Meets/exceeds the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; identifies, understands, monitors, and measures the needs of both internal and externals stakeholders; talks and acts with the stakeholder in mind. Recognizes co-workers, residents, and guest as valued stakeholders. Understands and demonstrates professionalism, with an attitude indicative of service above self.  Is willing to help others without hesitation or resistance. Displays a high degree of professional maturity and emotional intelligence.


Effective Communication: Ensures important information is passed to those who need to know; conveys necessary information clearly and effectively orally or in writing. Demonstrates attention to, and conveys understanding of, the comments and questions of others; listens effectively, and can follow lawful instructions from superiors in a manner that is free of behavior that displays hostility, negativity, or insubordination. Can interact with others professionally and impartially.


Initiative: Proactively seeks solutions to resolve unexpected challenges. Actively assists others without formal/informal direction. Possesses the capacity to learn and actively seeks developmental feedback. Applies feedback for continued growth by mastering concepts needed to perform work.  Seeks positive solutions to problems and is results driven.  If in doubt as to duty related activities, will respectfully seek clarity from their superior director.


Responsiveness and Accountability: Demonstrates a high level of conscientiousness; holds oneself personally responsible for one's own work; does fair share of work. Is willing to assist others as necessary to meet and exceed organizational expectations. Can work positively, responsibly, and legally with minimal supervision. Respects self and others.


Teamwork: Balances team and individual responsibilities; exhibits objectivity and openness to others' views; gives and welcomes feedback; contributes to building a positive team spirit; puts success of team above own interests; supports everyone's efforts to succeed. Is committed to working collaboratively with others to accomplish positive outcomes. Is willing to promote and share in the success of others. Displays a pleasant demeanor and positive disposition.




Job Competencies

1.     Must be a prior law enforcement officer in good standing with prior employers.

2.     Before or after employment with Authority, must not be convicted of a felony crime or a domestic violence related charge.

3.     Must be no less than 21 years of age.

4.     Must be willing to submit to and pass a background investigation.

5.     As a condition of employment, must pass, obtain, and maintain the annual firearms qualification required by the KCPD, pertinent to investigatory or security licensing; Qualifying and carrying a self-purchased firearm (Glock 9mm) is required for this position.

6.     Must maintain an official valid State issued driver's license. Must have the proficient ability to safely operate Authority vehicles in all weather conditions.  Candidate must have the ability to safely respond in vehicles to incidents of concern occurring on Authority properties.

7.     As a preference, must have familiarity of the President's task force on 21 century policing report, as well as community policing, de-escalation, and Crisis Intervention (CIT) protocols.  

8.     Must be able to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive duty related information and communications.  Must maintain positive social media interactions.    

9.     Must be skilled in organization, time management, multi-tasking, and expeditious assignment completion. 

10.  Must have proficient computer skills and have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office and pertinent associated programs and data bases.   

11.  Must be willing to positively work collaboratively with others to accomplish legal goals and objectives.  Must be results driven and service oriented.  

12.  Must possess professional maturity, poise, and emotional intelligence.   

13.  Must be a proactive self-starter requiring minimal direction or consistent oversight.   

14.  Must be proficient in utilizing electronic resources to include but not limited to computers, cellphones, and visual aids.  

15.  Must be skilled in excellent verbal, interpersonal, reading and writing ability; to include the ability to positively interact with various ethnicities, religions, cultures, persuasions, and the developmentally challenged, without regard to socioeconomic status, societal, or cultural beliefs.

16.  Must be willing and able to follow legal directives from superior authorities within Authority.

17.  Must have the ability to work closely with stakeholders in the goal of facilitating a safe and harmonious environment for residents, employees, and guest of the Authority.

18.  Must maintain a high level of ethical and moral integrity both on and off duty.

19.  Must possess skills that reflect sound judgement, decision making, attention to detail, and positive professional discretion.

20.  Must be willing to work a flexible schedule as necessary or directed.

21.  The ability to demonstrate knowledge, competence, professionalism, equity, impartiality, courage, positive disposition, positive temperament, and selflessness as it pertains to the legal performance of work-related duties that are essential to public safety job functions.

22.  Must have the ability and willingness to conduct foot patrols, traffic control activities, knock and talks, building checks, staff sponsored residential inspections, and person of interest interactions.

23.  Must have the ability and willingness to attend meet and greets, screening, hearings, interviews, community meetings, and grievances.

24.  Must maintain a proficient knowledge of all job-related functions and activities.

25.  Must have the ability and willingness to understand and positively follow all verbal and written directives, to include performing all legally necessary functions that further the Authority mission goals and directives.



High school graduate or GED Required.  Associate degree from an accredited college or university in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice preferred or related field and two (2) years' experience in police or security related field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


The following Certifications must be obtained within one (1) year of employment or other allowable period of hire as authorized by the Executive Director or his/her designee: 


  •   Class A Armed Private Officer License through the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) or other equivalent license required.
  •  Possession of current CPR and First Aid certificates




Work requires frequent internal and external contact, communication, and collaboration with residents, employees, guest, community stakeholders, and law enforcement. Contacts with residents are particularly important to establish a professional presence and ensure resident confidence in discussing or reporting issues of concern. The purpose of contacts is to give and obtain information necessary to successful performance and fulfillment of public safety-related job duties.  Conditions under which contacts occur can range from normal too stressful in emergency situations.



Incumbent(s) must be able to meet the physical requirements of the classification and have mobility, balance, range of motion, coordination, vision, hearing, speech, and dexterity levels appropriate to the essential functions that may be performed. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Work is performed in both an office and non-office environment, that may include exposure to variances of climate conditions, as well as other natural, un-natural, or unpredictable events or conditions.  Employee awareness and preparedness are essential in meeting the demands and conditions that may exist relative to the essential job functions. The noise level in the work environment may also vary based on varying factors and conditions.



  • Must possess a valid driver's license.
  • May be required to work an unusual work schedule.
  • Must work with the highest degree of confidentiality.
  • Must be available for occasional overnight travel for training.
  • Must pass employment drug screening & criminal background check.

The Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This job description is subject to change and in no manner states or implies that these are the only duties and responsibilities to be performed. The duties herein are representative of the essential functions of this job. This job description reflects management's assignment of functions; however, it does not prescribe or restrict tasks that may be assigned. Nothing in this document restricts management's right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities at any time. The qualifications listed above are guidelines, other combinations of education and experience that could provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the job may be considered at the discretion of the Executive Director.


Employment with the Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri is on an "at-will" basis. Nothing in this document is intended to create an employment contract, implied or otherwise, and does not constitute a promise of continued employment.

Disclaimer:  The above statements describe the general nature, level, and type of work performed by the incumbent(s) assigned to this classification. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, demands, and skills required of personnel so classified. Job descriptions are not intended to and do not imply or create any employment, compensation, or contract rights to any person or persons. Management reserves the right to add, delete, or modify and/or all provisions of this description at any time as needed without notice. This job description supersedes earlier versions.                                    

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