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Important Notice About Your Utility Assistance Payments

Date Posted: 06/21/2023



The Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri, has been working with Bank of America to process and deposit the Utility Assistance Payments directly onto a prepaid card.
However, the Housing Authority is notified by the bank that this service will be discontinued after the May 1, 2023, payment is processed.

To continue the secure and convenient way to receive your payments, the Housing Authority is pleased to announce that your Utility Assistance Payments will be deposited onto a new Prepaid Visa® Debit Card issued by US Bank.  All payments made beginning June 1, 2023, will automatically be deposited to your new prepaid card.  The new card will be delivered by mail to your address.

The activation instructions, usage guide, Cardholder Agreement, and Fee Schedule will be included with your prepaid card.  Make sure to read and save this important information for your files.  You must choose a new Personal Identification Number (PIN) when you set up your prepaid card.

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