Procurement Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Procurement and Contracts of the Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri, to provide for a procurement system of quality and integrity; provide for the fair and equitable treatment of all persons or firms involved in purchasing by HAKC; ensure that supplies and services (including construction) are procured efficiently, effectively, and at the most favorable prices available to the HAKC; promote competition in contracting; and assure that HAKC purchasing actions are in full compliance with applicable Federal standards, HUD regulations, State, and local laws. 

Procurement & Contracts Responsibilities

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Mandatory Contract Clauses for Small Businesses


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Davis Bacon Act 

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Davis Bacon Contractor's Guide

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Section 3 Business Registry Brochure

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 Notice to All Bidders: By accessing a copy of a solicitation via our website please be advised that you are solely responsible for monitoring the site for any addendum that may be issued.

Copies of all public bid/proposal requests, with the exceptions of certain construction projects which include detailed plans, blueprint and specifications are available to you online


                                                     NO SMOKING POLICY

                                   Effective 01/01/15 HAKC became a 'Smoke Free' environment. 

                                                 This applies to Residents and Contractors.


                                                    ATTENTION BIDDERS

                          Click HERE to see attached notice regarding KCMO Occupational License 




Please download a PDF copy from below

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IFB 18-938 Repair Cracked and Leaking Foundation Walls.doc

Addendum 1 IFB 18-938.doc


Awarded Contracts

RFP# 17-932    Pest Control Services - Smithereen Pest Management - Fee for service
IFB# 18-936     Replace Roof Coverings Gutter and Down Spouts - Triad Inc.
IFB# 18-935     Outside Lighting Maintenance - Superior Electrical Construction - Fee for service
IFB# 17-934     Playground Equipment Repair - Cancelled
RFP# 17-933    Security Guard Services - Trevecca Security - Fee for service 
RFP# 17-931    Security Guard Services - American Guard Services - Fee for service
IFB# 17-928     HVAC Remodel at Clymer Center - Lippert Mechanical Services - $562,750.00
IFB# 17-927     Repair Cracked Foundation Lines & Exterior Works - Cancelled
RFP# 17-918    Year End Audit Services - Berman Wright Hopkins & LaHam - Fee for service
IFB# 17-930     EIFS Repair - Cancelled
IFB# 17-923     Chouteau Courts Asbestos Hazmat Assessment - New Horizons LLC - $13,350.00
RFP# 17-921    Relocation Services - HDC Consulting Group - Fee for service
IFB# 17-920     Foundation Leak Repairs - Claybond Co. - $35,808
RFP# 17-917    Tenant Litigation Services - Baker, Soltz & Blum - Fee for service
IFB#  17-915    Ready Unit Paint & Clean Services - Aaron Maintenance - $294,000
IFB#  17-916     Building Seam Repair - S&W Waterproofing - $11,874
RFP# 17-913     Engineer & Design HVAC Clymer Center - Davidson & Associates - $14,680
RFP# 17-914     Landscape & Erosion Control - KC Metro Lawn & Snow - $81,036
RFP# 17-910     Executive Recruiter Services - Human Capital Initiatives - $22,000
IFB#  17-912     Support and Replace Sagging Subfloors - Tailor Made Exteriors - $30,822
IFB#  17-909     Concrete Driveway - Sidewalk Replacement - Tailor Made Exteriors - $96,775
IFB#  17-908     Repair Cracked Lines along Foundation Wall - Tailor Made Exteriors - $25,575
IFB#  17-907     Prune Tree Limbs in Contact w/Structures - KC Metro Lawn & Snow - $15,000
IFB#  16-902     Fire Damage Restoration Brush Creek - Scissor Tailed Investments - $44,944
IFB#  16-901     Vandalism Theft Repair 8448 Main - Claybond & Co.  $24,155
RFP# 16-905    Transaction Screening - Olsson Associates - $37,800 
RFP# 16-906     Phase I Environmental Assessment - AEI Consultants - $10,493
IFB#  892          Deck Replacement - Tailor Made Exteriors - $226,935
IFB#  891          Roof Replacement - Delta Innovative Services - $462,000
IFB#  889          Storm Door Installation - Scissor-tailed Investments - $12,109
IFB#  888          Asphalt Overlay - McConnell & Associates - $21,585  





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